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Hello Brothel Brothers and Sisters,

Here's another 35 wonderful photos from the Poetry Brothel - people were asking for more shots (click on 'Show All' at the bottom of the page to see them all).

We spent a lot of time preparing and editing this group of photos. Images are $1 apiece, or all 35 images for only $15 - a very good deal indeed! Please make payment via PayPal with the address being '[email protected].' In the comments section of the PayPal checkout, list the photos you want by the image number. We will reply with easy download instructions for your order. Also, if you use any of our photos (and we hope you do), please give us photo credits.

If you don't use PayPal or have other questions, please email us directly at the same email address.

Finally, keep us in mind if you would like portrait shots for your portfolio, resume or for promo/publicity.

Create, Feel, Enjoy!

Lee Courtney
John Arif Verner